Conference Rooms

Privacy smart glass is ideal for conference rooms where it can be switched to opaque mode during presentations or sensitive discussions.

Hospital Wards

In healthcare settings, it's applied to patient rooms, ensuring privacy for patients while allowing medical staff to monitor when necessary.

Executive Offices

It offers a sophisticated solution for executive offices, providing instant privacy without the need for traditional blinds or curtains.

Residential Spaces

Privacy smart glass enhances living spaces by offering on-demand seclusion for bathrooms, bedrooms, and also enhance guest privacy without sacrificing natural light in hotel rooms.

Retail Displays

Privacy smart glass can be used in retail displays, allowing products to be hidden or revealed based on customer interaction.

Educational Institutions

Privacy smart glass is utilized in educational settings such as classrooms and libraries, allowing educators to create private study spaces or control visibility during presentations.

Instant Privacy Control:
Privacy glass allows you to switch between transparent and opaque states with ease, giving you instant control over your privacy. It's an excellent solution for spaces where you want privacy on demand, such as meeting rooms or bathrooms.
Maximizes Natural Light:
When in the transparent state, privacy glass lets in natural light, creating a bright and open atmosphere. This helps reduce the need for artificial lighting, leading to energy savings and a more eco-friendly environment.
Customizable Aesthetics:
Privacy glass is available in various tints and designs, allowing you to customize its appearance to match your interior decor or architectural style. It can be a decorative element in addition to its privacy function.
Flexible Space Utilization:
Privacy glass enables flexible space utilization. You can quickly transform open areas into private spaces and vice versa, making it ideal for offices, medical facilities, or homes where adaptable room configurations are needed.
Enhances Security:
Privacy glass can serve as a security feature. In its opaque state, it obstructs visibility, preventing outsiders from seeing into your space. This adds an extra layer of security to your property dynamically.
Sound Insulation:
Reducing noise from the outside environment. This is particularly beneficial in commercial settings or urban areas where noise pollution can be a concern.