Sandwich glass works by combining multiple layers of glass with a switchable interlayer in between. This interlayer contains smart film that can change from transparent to opaque, providing instant privacy control. The layers offer added safety and customization to enhance architectural designs.

Instantly switch between full privacy or complete transparency

With a mere switch activation, this glass seamlessly transitions between clear and opaque states through a minor electric current, providing instantaneous privacy or openness.

Allows you to adjust transparency on demand, providing instant privacy whenever needed.

By regulating sunlight and reducing the need for artificial lighting and cooling, smart glass contributes to energy SavIlles.

With its sleek, contemporary appearance and dynamic transformations, smart glass adds a touch of modernity to spaces.

The Sandwich Smart Glass

Sandwich smart glass combines switchable technology with laminated glass, featuring a switchable interlayer between glass sheets. It provides instant privacy control, enhanced safety, and is used in various settings for its versatile functionality.


Design to your liking

Unleash your creative flair while designing your own space with EDGEGLASS. Our array of customization choices sets us apart as the preferred provider of switchable smart glass and privacy solutions, uniquely equipped to meet your distinct requirements. Explore the selection below to see what makes us stand out.

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Privacy Control:
Smart glass can switch between transparent and opaque states, offering instant privacy when needed.
Energy Efficiency:
By adjusting transparency, smart glass can regulate sunlight and reduce the need for artificial lighting and cooling.
Smart glass enhances interior design by providing a sleek, modern look and the ability to transform spaces dynamically.
UV Protection:
Smart glass can block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, protecting interiors and occupants from potential damage.
Space Optimization:
Smart glass can create flexible, multifunctional spaces by instantly dividing or merging areas as required.
Noise Reduction:
The insulating properties of this glass also help in dampening external noise, creating a quieter and more serene environment indoors.

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