Apply the stick-on to any existing glass installation


Get a smart privacy solution for your glass without changing your current setup. Elevate your regular panels with Edgeglass stick-on – a switchable smart film that can be easily applied directly onto your glass.

The Stick On

EDGEGLASS offers Smart Glass technology that eliminates the need for laminating two glass panels together. Experience instant privacy in any space you choose.


Design to your liking

Unleash your creative  air while designing your own space with EDGEGLASS. Our array of customization choices sets us apart as the preferred provider of switchable smart glass and privacy solutions, uniquely equipped to meet your distinct requirements. Explore the selection below to see what makes us stand out.

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Privacy Control:
Smart glass can switch between transparent and opaque states, offering instant privacy when needed.
Energy Efficiency:
By adjusting transparency, smart glass can regulate sunlight and reduce the need for artificial lighting and cooling.
Smart glass enhances interior design by providing a sleek, modern look and the ability to transform spaces dynamically.
UV Protection:
Smart glass can block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, protecting interiors and occupants from potential damage.
Space Optimization:
Smart glass can create flexible, multifunctional spaces by instantly dividing or merging areas as required.
Noise Reduction:
The insulating properties of this glass also help in dampening external noise, creating a quieter and more serene environment indoors.

No Need to Swap Out Current Setups

Upgrade traditional glass installations with ease using stick-on technology, bypassing the need for full glass panel replacements.

Complete Customization

All EDGEGLASS products are tailor-made to perfectly align with your project's width, length, and shape requirements. EDGEGLASS stick-on is designed to flawlessly match your existing window sizes and contours.

Simple and Swift Application

Our widespread distributor network ensures quick global delivery and installation. The stick-on solution is custom-crafted and seamlessly affixed by a team of skilled glass specialists.


Edgeglass Control Systems

Take command of your surroundings effortlessly. Manage your panels with ease through any of the provided control systems below

Manual ON/OFF wall switch

Remote control switches



Home Automation

Door Locks


Voice Control

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