Mayden, DUBAI

Overcoming Adverse Conditions to Install Smart Glass at a Dubai Pool Area

Location: Mayden Dubai

Project Type: Smart Glass Installation at a Swimming Pool Area

Challenge: The installation of smart glass at a swimming pool area in Mayden Dubai presented several unique challenges:

1. Client's Preference: The client insisted on using stick-on smart glass instead of laminated glass for the project.

2. Outdoor Environment: The installation site was open to the outdoor elements, including sandstorms. This posed a significant challenge as sandstorms can damage delicate installations.

3. Extreme Weather: Dubai experiences scorching temperatures, making outdoor work during the day challenging. The installation team had to contend with extreme heat during the project.

4. Time Constraints: Working in Dubai's hot climate meant that the installation team could only work until 5:30 PM, as it became too dark afterward.

Solution: Despite the formidable challenges, the installation team devised a successful plan:

1. Stick-On Solution: To meet the client's preference, stick-on smart glass was used for the project.

2. Adverse Conditions Preparedness: The team anticipated the harsh outdoor environment and took precautions. They shielded the installation area from sandstorms, ensuring that no sand particles would affect the installation process.

3. Efficient Workflow: Despite the scorching temperatures, the team devised an efficient workflow to make the most of the limited working hours during the day. This approach helped them stay on schedule.

Outcome: The project was a resounding success:

1. Happy Clients: Despite the significant challenges, the clients were delighted with the final result. The stick-on smart glass was installed successfully, meeting their preferences.

2. No Sand Damage: Despite the sandstorm-prone environment, not a single speck of sand has been found on the smart glass installation, demonstrating the effectiveness of the protective measures taken.

3. On-Time Completion: The project was completed within the stipulated timeframe, even with the constraints of limited working hours.

Conclusion: This case study showcases our ability to adapt to adverse conditions, prioritize client preferences, and successfully deliver smart glass installations that meet both aesthetic and functional requirements, leaving our clients satisfied.