Ooredoo in the Maldives

Meeting the Challenge of Precise Glass Installation for Ooredoo in the Maldives

Location: The Maldives

Project Type: Glass Production and Installation

Challenge: When Project team for Ooredoo in the Maldives approached us for their glass production project, we encountered a unique challenge. The client provided us with drawings of an open area but did not include crucial details such as measurements and profiles (frames). Despite this lack of information, our dedicated team was determined to deliver a solution. Understanding the importance of accurate dimensions, we took on the task of producing CAD glass designs, collaborating closely with Dorma Kabba and China State Construction to ensure precision. Coordinating for accurate dimensions amidst evolving plans posed a significant challenge.

Solution: To overcome the challenge, we adopted a proactive approach:

Accurate Measurements: Despite the absence of measurements, we took it upon ourselves to ensure precision. Our team traveled to the Maldives to meticulously measure each glass panel on every floor, a task beyond our original scope. This commitment to accuracy was essential for successful production.

Rapid Reproduction: While facing constraints related to 10mm thickness and width, we were determined to fulfill our commitment. Even though the issue was not our mistake, we re-produced the necessary glasses within a remarkable 10-day turnaround.

Complex Cutouts: The project involved various types of cutouts for the glass, which we executed flawlessly, ensuring that every detail aligned with the client's vision.

Outcome: Our dedication to overcoming challenges and ensuring precision led to a highly successful outcome:

Client Satisfaction: Despite the initial hurdles, our commitment to accuracy, rapid response, and proactive approach left our client, Ooredoo, extremely satisfied. The project's success was attributed to our willingness to go the extra mile.

Timely Delivery: We not only met but exceeded the client's expectations by delivering the project within the agreed-upon time frame, even with the additional task of measuring each glass panel.

Quality Assurance: The glass production and installation met the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, enhancing the overall appeal of the space.

Conclusion: This case study demonstrates our ability to tackle complex challenges head-on, providing innovative solutions and maintaining a commitment to customer satisfaction. At the end of the project, we successfully handed over the completed installation to our valued client, Ooredoo, strengthening our partnership and reputation for excellence.