Eastern Railway, New Delhi

Eastern Railway Enhancing Passenger Privacy and Comfort on the Rajdhani Express: A Smart Glass Solution for 1st AC Premium Cabins

Location: The rail route from Howrah to New Delhi

Project Type: Railway train cabin window glass improvement and privacy enhancement project

Project Overview: The Rajdhani Express is one of India's premier train services, offering exceptional comfort for passengers traveling from Howrah to New Delhi. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, health safety measures led to the removal of curtains in the 1st AC premium cabins. While this was done to mitigate the risk of viral transmission, it raised concerns about passenger privacy, especially during nighttime journeys. . This posed a significant privacy issue, especially for high-profile passengers like politicians and celebrities.

Challenge: The installation of smart glass at a swimming pool area in Mayden Dubai presented several unique challenges:

1. Passengers, including high-profile individuals, were left without a practical solution for regaining their privacy. The challenge was to find an efficient and convenient way to address this issue without the need for individual controllers or remotes for each cabin.

2. Numerous mothers onboard encountered considerable discomfort when attempting to breastfeed their infants. This discomfort came from a lack of privacy during night time

3. Passengers couldn't change their clothes as they were concerned about their privacy, given that people could see inside during night time

4. Passengers traveling faced difficulties in getting a good night's sleep due to this privacy issue. This made the overnight travel experience less enjoyable and restorative for passengers.

EdgeGlass Challenges: 1. The power in train can be erratic due to frequent interchanges. This could potentially damage the controller. With thorough examination and considering multiple options, EdgeGlass introduced a single-controller system located at the battery box area. This controller was connected through looping to serve multiple cabins, eliminating the need for individual controls. And to address power interchange challenges, EdgeGlass implemented a switch-over system. A standby controller would take over if the primary one failed, ensuring continuous functionality. So two controllers was being used for this project this innovative solution successfully restored passenger privacy during nighttime journeys

2. Edgeglass had to see the wiring & controller issue as well, which isn’t the area of our expertise so the wire initially installed failed the fireproof test, necessitating the use of a new wire. So EdgeGlass collaborated closely with the railway department to ensure proper wiring, including sourcing fire-proof wire to meet safety

Outcome: The glass was successfully implemented on the Howrah to New Delhi route, resolving the privacy issue for passengers. The Eastern Railway was so pleased with the outcome that they recommended EdgeGlass's solution to other railway zones, potentially benefiting train passengers across the country and improving their travel experience.

Conclusion: This project exemplifies EdgeGlass's commitment to finding creative solutions to unique challenges, even in unconventional settings like a moving train